Produx Pro


The specialist in creative and innovative. We have unceasing passion for what we do – plans and innovations are invariably on out agenda, providing top-notch products and services in supporting our valuable customers and benefiting health and beauty industries globally.



To become a key global player in the mainstream of natural healthcare and beauty markets through vertical integration and strategic globalization. To be the recognized health and beauty products provider in the region through advanced biotechnology, competitive manufacturing, brilliant branding and strategic marketing and distribution.


We are committed to achieve our Vision to be Malaysia’s leading manufacturer for the categories of products we produce, and substantially meeting global standards of quality, consistency and safety.



Acting responsibly, with respect and accountability. Commitment to ethical relationship of moral and sustainability for our future and generation to come.


Determination to work together to achieve a common goal. Embodies into our human qualities of generosity, commitment and team spirit


The sense of initiative, combined with diligence and competence in our responsibilities and duty. Continuous search of innovative solution in building relationships with customers, suppliers and community


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The Company strictly follows the international GMP certified quality processes and systems by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, advanced equipment, and proprietary innovative and award winning processes. In addition, the company consists of a professional technical team to develop and manufacture all kinds of quality products. We conduct stringent quality checks on our products to ensure compliance to GMP regulations. Having invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we dedicate our efforts to turning out products that speak of only the finest quality. Every step of manufacturing is well taken care of, down to the most minus details. Since establishment, we have been setting up total quality management system on the basis of GMP standard.


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Our R&D experts will translate your business concept into reality, such as raw and packaging material sourcing, product formulation and technical product information.


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Our quality department includes QA (Quality Assurance) division, QC (Quality Control) division and IPQC (In Process Quality Control) division. The company also has a professional management team specially assigned in supervising quality control besides the QA staff. We have established a complete mechanism in the factory to ensure that every process is strictly under control. Furthermore, we have a complete audit system in place to ensure all the supplied materials are up to our standards.


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Including in-house/external physical, heavy metal, disintegration, stability and nutritional tests by our qualified experts, Institute Kimia Malaysia (IKM) associate and microbiologists.