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Body & Personal Care

Private Label Body & Personal Care Products Manufacturer

Produxpro manufactures premium quality body care products that improves your customer’s personal hygiene and boosts their overall confidence throughout the entire day.

Over the past decade, we have specialized extensively in the development of a wide range of body care products. All of our products are made with trusted and reliable quality materials so that you can start or expand your own unique brand with confidence.

We carefully create the formula used in our products to ensure they are capable of killing germs and bacteria by keeping your customer’s body clean, especially during the pandemic. On top of that, most of our body products are also formulated with a fragrant smell to remove any unpleasant body odour after showering.

As a long established private label manufacturer for body and personal care products, we are confident that we can combine the right recipes and ingredients to produce the products which you desire for your own unique brand.

Our personal care product include
but not limited to:

Hand & Foot Care

Keeps the skin soft, smooth and silky.

Bath & Shower

Cleanses the face and body from dirt.


Nourishes and protects the user’s skin.

Bust Enhancement

Stimulates breast tissues and cells.

Scrub & Exfoliator

Removes dirt and dead cells from the body.

Feminine Wash

Maintains genital hygiene for women.

Sun Protection

Protects the user’s skin from UV rays.


Protects and moisturizes the skin.

Many body and personal care products require careful formulation during the production process to ensure the products are user-friendly and meet the standards of different markets. We are confident that we can achieve that.

With over a decade of experience in body and personal care products, Produxpro possesses the right manufacturing knowledge to meet the needs of local and international markets. We can assist you in the creation of your product by overseeing the entire process from the beginning until the end of the process.

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