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The No.1 Health Supplement Manufacturer in Malaysia

At Produxpro, our primary focus is to research, develop and supply a diverse range of premium quality vitamins, supplements, and health care products that are all manufactured based on market demands.

Our commitment to world-class product quality and speed of production sets us apart from the competition, as we strive to manufacture supplements that contain trusted and reliable nutrients to improve your customer’s overall health and wellbeing. Continue reading below to learn why we are regarded as among the best health supplement manufacturer in Malaysia today.

Malaysia’s Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

As an OEM manufacturer of vitamins, nutritional and supplements in Malaysia, we also understand the current demands and needs of the local market.  On top of that, our company strives to ensure that our relationship with our customers is satisfactory and long-term.

Supplements available include:


Our company is capable of manufacturing softgels quickly and efficiently. As softgels are becoming increasingly popular, we are prepared to fulfill the needs and demands of the market. We do this by innovating and perfecting our products using the most advanced technology available.


We go the extra mile to help you produce your supplements based on your preference — not how we think they should be. Our R&D team has a wealth of experience manufacturing capsules, and we are always ready to offer you with the best solutions and recommendations to create your ideal product.

Vegetarian Capsules

We offer vegetarian capsules to customers who are vegetarians. In fact, the outer layer of our capsules are 100% vegetarian. Our R&D team will work together with you every step of the way to manufacture a 100% vegetarian capsule that is as effective as gelatine-based capsules.


Many multivitamin formulas are produced in a tablet as it is spacious enough to hold most of the ingredients within. Tablets can also be kept for longer periods of time compared to other forms. Until today, tablets still remain as one of the cost-effective forms of supplements.

Chewable Tablets

Chewable tablets are an alternative way for customers to get dietary nutrients into their body. Chewable tablets are equally nutritious and healthy for our bodies. Our team is highly capable of formulating and creating the right flavours to make these tablets easier for your customers to chew and swallow.

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