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Skin Care

Malaysia’s No. 1 Private Label Manufacturer For Skincare Products

Creating or expanding your own skin care line has never been easier with Produxpro. You can start ordering our premium-quality private label skin care products today at high or low quantity volumes.

As an OEM skin care manufacturer in Malaysia, we can help you start your skincare line and also assist you in your designs, packaging and labelling all the way up to the manufacturing process.

By engaging our services at Produxpro, you can freely choose from an extensive range of our premium quality skincare products and also have your own company logo printed on your chosen cosmetics packaging.

The Nation’s Trusted Organic Skin Care Manufacturer

Aside from that, we are also an OEM skin care manufacturer certified for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of cosmetic products. Moreover, we have years of experience manufacturing products like purifying cleaners, face masks, face creams, whitening creams, glow screen products, face moisturisers and more.

We also strictly adhere to international rules, regulations and standards, careful raw material sourcing, and also have an effective record keeping system at our company to ensure traceability and consistency in our products.

The ultimate goal of our company is to deliver quality skin care products that your customers will love, so that it can eliminate any fine lines or wrinkles, so that they can look confident and beautiful throughout the whole day. Our skincare products can also be manufactured in low and high volume masses based on your personal preference.

Our skincare product include
but not limited to:


Removes oil, dead skin cells and makeup.


Temporarily covers up any visibility of pores on the skin.


Helps to moisturize dry skin and protects against premature skin aging.


Helps to moisturize and soothe sensitive skin.


Helps to moisturize skin effectively.


An anti-aging substance that protects the skin from oil and dirt.


Protects the skin from UV rays.


Helps to hydrate skin, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of pores, while providing a relaxing, spa-like experience at home.

Target Treatment

Provides treatment for uneven skin tones, blemishes, age spots, fine lines and more.

Eye Care

Removes wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Exfoliator & Scrub

Removes dead skin cells and gives the skin a natural glow.

Mens Care

Gives the user a fresh and energised look for the day ahead.

Produxpro offers manufacturing services to produce products in both low quantity volume and high quantity volume. We deliver quality skin care products that your customers will genuinely love. Our skin care formulas include the following features: anti-aging, anti-pollution, anti-acne. They are also perfectly suitable for dry, dehydrated skin and oily skin.

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