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OEM Cosmetics Products Manufacturer Malaysia

Cosmetic products help to enhance your facial features and highlight your beauty, and can act as a huge confidence booster.

At Produxpro, we have a team of makeup experts, researchers and developers who specialise in developing exclusive formulas and colour cosmetics to meet every customer’s cosmetics preference.

We pride ourselves in our capability to select high quality ingredients to formulate our clients’ products. Our team of trusted suppliers help us to produce cosmetics products that offer you the best value, while maintaining consistency and integrity in terms of the ingredients we use.

As such, this ensures that the quality of your products are maintained. This encompasses the entire process, from the very first ingredient selection all the way to dispatching the product.

Many cosmetics customers today are demanding higher quality and effective products. That is why Produxpro is the perfect OEM cosmetics product manufacturer for your business in Malaysia.

Our cosmetic product include
but not limited to:


Creates a smooth base and evens the skin tone.


Creates a natural skin tone and colour.

BB/CC Cream

Moisturises the skin and covers up small dots and redness on the skin.


Hides scars, spots or dark circles on the skin.

Lip Gloss

Moisturises the user’s lips and prevents lip cracks.

Loose and Pressed Powder

Enables the user’s makeup to stay longer on their skin.


Infuse the skin with a burst of glowing color

Eye Liner

Make the user’s eyelashes look beautiful, and draw attention to the eye.


Available in many colours and textures that can be applied on the lips.

Makeup Removal

Remove cosmetics, impurities and dirt from your skin to reduce irritation or unwanted aging.

Produxpro offers manufacturing services to produce products in both low volume and high volume masses. We deliver quality skin care products that your customers will love. Our skin care formulas cover the following features: anti-aging, anti-pollution, anti-acne. All our products are perfectly suitable for dry, dehydrated skin and oily skin.

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