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Sports Nutrition

private label sports supplement and nutrition manufacturer

Sports Nutrition

Private Label Sports Supplement & Nutrition Manufacturer

The No.1 Bodybuilding Supplements Manufacturer in Malaysia

At Produxpro, we are committed to offering the most effective and innovative line of sports nutrition and bodybuilding products for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Our products are formulated to provide all consumers with strength, stamina, endurance and a healthy diet to achieve their desired fitness results.

Since the inception of Produxpro, our R&D team has dedicated immense time and effort to manufacture the perfect bodybuilding supplement for our customers. We are still constantly researching and innovating new methods to give our customers the best experience. Continue reading below to learn why we are the finest bodybuilding supplements manufacturer in Malaysia today.

The Country’s Leading Sports Supplement Manufacturer

As a private label sports supplement and nutrition manufacturer, we also know how to produce a great formula that is greatly desired by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We strictly use only premium quality ingredients for all our products, especially for our bodybuilding supplements.

We can help you manufacture a wide range of bodybuilding supplements and supplement flavours based on your personal preference. We are also capable of producing numerous types of sports nutrition flavours. Our commitment to quality makes us the top choice as a supplements manufacturer for your brand.

Bodybuilding supplements available include:

BCAA Blends

BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) helps to reduce muscle fatigue. It is designed to stimulate muscle growth. BCAAs are essential amino acids that are also known as the “building blocks” of protein.


Multivitamins can be manufactured in capsules, tablets, powder form and other ways. They help make the user’s body stronger and are formulated to meet their everyday needs to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Protein Blends

Protein blends can be manufactured in a variety of ways to meet dietary needs. It is a product that contains more than one protein source and it helps to build muscle, repair tissues and produce enzymes in the body.


Pre-workout supplements have become a necessity for many bodybuilders and athletes. Such supplements are designed to promote higher workout intensities and they contain a mixture of stimulants and ingredients to promote muscle growth.


Our post-workout supplements are manufactured based on strict standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. We ensure that all our supplements are made with premium quality and top grade ingredients.

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