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Creating or expanding your own skin care line has never been easier. With our premium quality private label products available at low minimum order quantity you can start today with confidence. We can help you start your skincare line plus organise your design, packaging, labelling right through to manufacturing. Choose from our extensive range of effective skincare products and have your own company logo printed on your chosen cosmetic packaging starting from low minimum order quantity. All of our skincare is made from the highest quality ingredients and made under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetic products. In addition to following globally recognised GMP standards we adhere to our  internal high quality standards, raw material sourcing, and record keeping to ensure both traceability and consistency in batches

Our skincare product include
but not limited to:


Remove Make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt & unwanted pollutants from the skin


Helps to temporarily minimize the appearance of pores and create smoother looking appearance


Helps to moisturize dry skin and provides protection against premature aging of the skin.


Helps to improve moisture content of skin and soothes sensitive skin


Helps to improve moisture content of skin and soothes sensitive skin


Anti-aging and protects skin from pollutants and unwanted toxin. Helps to moisturize dry skin


Protects the skin from UV rays


Helps to hydrate skin, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of pores, while providing a relaxing, spa-like experience at home.

Target Treatment

Made for specific skin condition, provides treatment for uneven skin tone, blemishes, age spots, fine lines and more

Eye Care

Helps to reduce dark circles, eye wrinkles & eye puffiness effectively

Exfoliator & Scrub

Remove stubborn dead skin cells and flakes from the skin. Gives the skin a natural glow and enhances the skin’s health.

Mens Care

Start the day with a healthy skincare routine and contribute to your daily self-care to a calmer and less stressed

From specialty low volume to high volume mass, we deliver quality skin care that your customers will love. Our formulas cover all main skin types including Anti-Age, Sensitive, Dry/Dehydrated, Oily/Problem & Whitening, Lifting, Deep hydration, Anti-pollution, Anti-acne, Pore tightening


Cosmetic products are very important factor of facial impression Not only enhancing your beauty but also boosts self-confidence. It can be shaped who you are. We have in-house makeup expert researchers and developers that develops exclusive formulation and colour cosmetic which meeting every customer’s varied needs. We pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting only the very highest quality ingredients for our clients’ product formulations. Our expert team and trusted suppliers ensure the consistency and integrity of our ingredients is second to none, whilst offering you the best possible value. This ensures your products are monitored and the quality maintained, from the very first ingredient selection right through to the dispatch of the final product. There is no doubt that the cosmetic market is demanding high quality and effective products, which makes us the perfect choice for your business.

Our cosmetic product include
but not limited to:


Creates a smooth base and evens skin tone on skin, Reduce inflammation and redness, while hydrates and nourish the skin.


Liquid/powder type. Applies on face to create natural skin tone and even color on skin.

BB/CC Cream

Moisturize and brightens up skin. Covers up small dots and redness on skin.


Perfectly camouflages skin flaws, spots & dark circles to achieve smooth and even skin tone

Lip Gloss

Moisturize the lips and prevent lip cracks

Loose and Pressed Powder

Maintains make up on skin to last longer


Infuse the skin with a burst of glowing color

Eye Liner

Define the eye and create a wider or smaller eye for the best look.


Ink with color, texture, and protection to the lips for greater looks

Makeup Removal

Remove cosmetics, impurities and dirt from your skin to reduce irritation or unwanted aging.

From specialty low volume to high volume mass, we deliver quality skin care that your customers will love. Our formulas cover all main skin types including Anti-Age, Sensitive, Dry/Dehydrated, Oily/Problem & Whitening, Lifting, Deep hydration, Anti-pollution, Anti-acne, Pore tightening

hair care

Hair mousses, oils, serum, gels, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, masks, emulsions, etc, the list of hair care products can be extended, with lots of new formulae and types that keep emerging in the market nowadays. Due to hair being exposed to the negative impact of external agents (including sun, hair dyes, permanents and other chemical agents), we are the leading hair care product manufacturers that strive for the development of advanced hair care formulations, which do not only ensure the best quality of cosmetic products, but, provide a strengthening, conditioning and repairing effect upon hair. Some active components that may be included in hair care formulation are:

  • Silicones (these are mainly used as conditioning agents in hair conditioners, shampoos, hair masks, anhydrous systems etc.)
  • Peptides
  • Amino acids
  • Plant-derived stem cells

One of the major tasks of a professional formulator is to understand the way a customer uses the product and identify the key indicators of the product’s benefits. This is not easy to do.

Our haircare product include
but not limited to:

Hair Shampoo

Cleans the hair from sweat, dirty materials, dead skin cells etc.

Hair Conditioner

Allows the hair to be soothed and moisturized with essential nutrients for a healthy hair after clean

Hair Serum

Forms a protective layer on the head to keep the skin silky smooth

Hair Mist

Keeps the Hair Non-Greasy and Less Oily.

Hair Oil

Nourishes and prevents oily hair

Hair Tonic

Makes the hair glossy and helps in dandruff reduction

Hair Cream

Helps to strengthens the roots and conditions the hair for smooth and silky

Hair Foam

Helps to protect and strengthens for straight hair

Hair Gel

Strengthening and giving vitamins and minerals for a healthy hair

Hair Coloring

Maintain hair color and strengthen the hair

Hair Wax

Straightens and protects hair from dryness

Hair Spray

Refreshing and moisturizes for smooth and sooth hair

Hair Mask

Strengthens the hair for soft and glossy hair

Our Hair Care capabilities range from specialty formulas through to mass lines. We have an extensive library of actives with test data to validate your claims

Personal Care

For full confidence all day long, our personal care and toiletries products maintains hygiene and freshness even hours after application. We are specialized in the development and formulation of various personal care products. Our products are made with the highest quality materials in our production for your own unique brand, to ensure that your body, hands and feet are well taken care of. We can even combine your recipes and ingredients, make them your unique products, to health care as the most important. 

Our personal care product include
but not limited to:

Hand and foot care

keeps the skin silky smooth and soft

Bath and shower

Cleanse and gently purify face and body for great hygiene


Nourish, refresh and protect for a healthy and soft skin

Bust Enchancement

Helps to stimulate breast tissues and expand fat cells lying within

Scrub and exfoliator

Deep cleaning to remove dirt and dead cells from the body for a smooth and soft skin

Feminime Wash

Maintains Feminine hygiene and prevent irritation

Sun Protection

Protects the skin from UV ray


Moisturizes skin to protect from drying, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations

Personal care product requires care and attention in formulations and production to ensure the products are safe and meet the requirements of different markets. With over a decade experience in the personal care product, we have manufacturing knowledge to meet the needs local and international markets. We can assist from formulating through to manufacturing your personal care products.

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