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Our sole focus is researching, developing and offering a wide range of innovative premium quality, diverse product-line of vitamins, supplements, and health care products that are manufactured to be up to date with the fast-moving market. Our commitment to world-class product quality and speed of production, ensures that the relationship with customers is a long and productive one. That is what sets us apart from others as being industry leaders in the field.

Supplement available include:


We are able to offer fast lead time for softgels to our customers. As softgels continue to become more and more popular with the consumers, we’re more prepared to accommodate our customers’ needs better. we strive to fulfil all of our customer’s needs, by following the latest innovations and technology.


Produxpro is your go-to resource for capsules needs. We go the extra mile to help you produce your supplements the way you want them—not how we think they should be. Our experienced R&D team are always at your disposal to offer recommendations and solutions, but the final word is always yours.

Vegetarian Capsules

To accommodate our vegetarian conscious customers we also offer vegetarian capsules. Our shells are 100% vegetarian and our formulators will work with you to have a 100% vegetarian capsule, and this product is as effective as gelatine-based capsules.


Traditional tablets are still one of the cost-effective forms of supplements, if your goal is to get the highest volume of product for your money’s worth. Many multivitamin and multi-ingredient formulas are produced in tablet form because the most materials can be packed within the space of a tablet. Tablets can also extend the stability and shelf life of your product for a longer period of time. Produxpro has a variety of tablet sizes for you to choose from to get your formula done right.

Chewable Tablets

Variety is the main key to surviving a diverse nutritional supplement market. Chewable tablets, offer yet additional means of delivering effective nutrients to customers who do not wish to swallow their tablets or capsules. Chewable tablets, need to be just as absorbable and nutritious as their softgel or tablet counterparts, but they also require an additional flavouring component to make them easier on the palate and more delicious. Our team will ensure that any chewable tablets you request will be as nutritious and flavourful as any of our other formulas should you choose this option for your products3

health food

A functional food is a food providing an additional health function through the addition of new ingredients or additional quantities of existing ingredients. Our technologies and capabilities can help you enter the fast-growing functional foods market. Functional products can command premium prices as consumers become more health-conscious and actively seek out foods with extra benefits. 

Making a functional food is not as easy as simply adding a new ingredient to an existing food product. Our team of experienced formulators work to make sure the product retains the same taste and texture profiles that consumers are used to. Great-tasting functional foods can encourage consumer compliance by delivering nutrients in a more palatable and easy-to-take form than traditional supplement forms. Formulators must ensure that the additional ingredients retain their nutritional value when mixed with other ingredients. Each ingredient’s pH level, solubility, bioavailability and stability must be considered.

The functional food market is already a multi-billion dollar industry and is rapidly growing at more than 10% annually. Consumers are driven by benefits and must see the benefits as credible, that the product is relevant to their lifestyle, tastes great and is convenient.

Commonly added ingredients:

Prebiotics & Probiotics

Digestive and immune health


Preventing free radical damage


Digestive Health

Plant Stanols/Sterols

Heart health, reducing cholesterol

Vitamin & Minerals

Numerous health benefits

Various herbs

Numerous health benefits


Eye and prostate health.


Heart, urinary tract and brain health


Menopausal health for women.

Sport Nutrition

We are committed to offering the most innovative and effective line of sports nutrition and body building products to fuel our legends, Sports gurus & athletes delivering maximum boost, strength, intensity, endurance & results, in addition to other numerous body building and sports nutrition solutions. We has been uniquely dedicated to the bodybuilding supplement industry since its initial opening. With a commitment to only include the best possible ingredients, we can ensure one of the purest and highest quality product available.

We’re constantly researching new methods and what the consumer is looking for in a bodybuilding product. With our strong backup of R&D Formulators, we know how to produce a great formula and bring it to the market. We ensure we only use the highest quality ingredients, including all our bodybuilding supplement solutions. The variety of bodybuilding supplement solutions we can utilize and flavour, in addition to our commitment to quality, make us the top choice for bodybuilding supplements.

Bodybuilding supplements available include:

BCAA Blends

BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are often promoted as a way to decrease muscle fatigue while increasing muscle function both during a workout and after a workout has finished. BCAAs are essential amino acids that function as the building blocks of protein.


Multivitamins go great in capsules, tablets, or powders, and we can package any of these in multiple ways. That way, you deliver exactly what you want to your customer.

Protein Blends

Protein blends can be sourced and processed in a variety of ways to meet certain protein needs and dietary restrictions. For more information on protein blends please see our protein manufacturing page or call us today to speak with a company representative.


Pre-workout supplements have become irreplaceable in the supplement stash of many bodybuilders and athletes. Designed to promote higher workout intensities, these products often contain a mixture of stimulants and ingredients that promote muscle growth.

Post Workout

Each step of our Post Workout supplement manufacturing process control system and finished product testing ensure that our Post Workout supplement is of top grade, identity, purity, strength, and composition throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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